What is Domain Authority ?

What is Domain Authority ?

In the internet space there are thousands of websites with various domain names present. When performing a search for a content, out of various domains only select few are ranked and prioritized for the end users to view. We all know that for this ranking, a complex set of algorithm runs at the back end which verifies domains, analyzes different factors on SEO and content quality. Of all the factors, Domain authority is an important one.

What is Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a quantifiable score or domain value on search engine ranking developed by Moz (a SaaS company) with the solitary purpose of predicting how a website rank on SERPs (search engine results pages). The domain value is measured on scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being the best and 1 being worst.

Few years back, a website was mostly ranked on its Page authority (i.e. no of pages, more backlinks, etc.) but now Domain Authority or DA is a factor considered as one of the benchmark to measure the quality of a website and its performance.

How Domain Authority measured

Domain Authority is calculated by factoring in various parameters such as number of links to website, number of linking root domain, MozRank and MozTrust. Though there are more than 40 parameters which decide the Domain value, the aforementioned are the critical ones.


MozRank score range from 0-10 and is measured based on the number of number of quality backlinks to the website from external domains.


MozTrust is similar to MozRank only that it will measured based on the link from highly trustable website like governments sites (.org/.gov), college/university sites (.edu) etc.

Where to Check Domain Authority

Domain Authority can be verified in various online websites. But the best place is the Moz website https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/ . Enter the domain name or sub-domain address and click search. The search output will show the latest Domain rank and PA (Page Authority) metrics details.

Improve Domain Authority

There is no shortcut to improve the DA and PA score of the website. As highlighted earlier, as the score is measured from various parameters it is difficult to directly influence the score. Below are few ways to increase the Domain rank

High Quality links to website

Make sure higher number of quality backlinks are present to the website. This is one of the major factor in DA score. Also black-hat SEO techniques like buying backlinks or having poor quality backlinks, will be found by Google algorithm and be penalized.

SEO optimized Website

On-site SEO is another important criteria in DA score. The whole website should be structured and designed for SEO. Each page and post in the website should also follow SEO standards like presence of Meta title/Meta description, Heading tags, categorization etc.

Content is king

Fresh, creative and informative content is very important for any successful website. It is the content that will drive users to your website again and again. So make sure high-quality content is published in your website which also makes sure that you are authoritative in the respective niche.


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